Monday, May 16, 2011

Delaney Update: 5/15

Such a dreary weather day today. Mostly we just hunkered down and tried to stay warm. Of course spending time working on some of the PT/OT exercises with Delaney, while balancing that with allowing her to sleep. As I sit down to write this update I realize that sometimes an generally uneventful day is a wonderful thing.

For nearly a month now we have been dealing with the biggest crisis of our lives. The most wonderful gift bestowed on to us needs our constant support for the fight of her life. There is an undeniable high level of stress that we have grown accustomed to that for a period of time we thought we would never find relief from. Yet as weeks go by we do get breaks from the emotional strain. Today felt fairly easy.

I can't say that I'm entirely used to this, I really don't want to be THAT comfortable with it. It is my feeling that this is a temporary situation. We keep looking ahead to future gains. However, it is important that we remain calm and self-assured as we deal with the health care regimen, and patient so that our little angel feels confidence and is at peace. Delaney is so attuned to us. More and more I'm able to recognize her emotional states. Along those lines I find it more important to maintain composure to ensure that she experiences calm, loving time with us.

Some of the way that she used to communicate, through crying, appears to be returning ever so slightly. Late last night as we were helping her clear her airways she was upset. Until now, there has been one or two faint cries and red watery eyes. This time she seemed to cry out several times consecutively. Still weak and faint but she's trying, and it was oddly comforting. Another development in this "uneventful" day, was that late tonight she started to reach her hand up as if to touch the toys that hang from her crib. This was something new altogether, she hadn't tried that even before all if her trauma.

So apart from happily assisting Delaney with her development we were able to find diversion. I caught up on some tv shows on Netflix, Lindsay went to a baby shower. Tonight we watched Toy Story 3 for the first time. It was a lazy Sunday, and all of the "sun" was shining inside the house this time.

God Bless
B & L &d


  1. Do you get the weekly emails? I liked them with my kids, and it might be interesting to see if sometimes Delaney is doing the same things that other babies do at her age. I think the reaching for the toy thing might be right on track with other babies her age, so that's really good! You just go to the website and sign up, but in Delaney's age and you will get a weekly milestone email. If you think it could be too hard to read then nevermind, but I imagine if once in a while you read that she is right on track, it could be a very happy moment. They also have a lot of information and forums for new parents. Granted, yours is a tough situation, having your first child is always a bit stressful and wearing. There might be info on the site about some of the typical stresses and how to alleviate them, etc...

  2. Uneventful is fantastic! Plus a movie AND a baby shower?! So happy to hear that. I'm sure doing some level of normal activities like that helps get you through the day-to-day monotony. Hope you guys enjoyed Toy Story 3... I balled my eyes out during the last 20 min.

  3. I think the Son was shining inside your house on Sunday. :)


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