Monday, April 25, 2011


It's been a very long and emotional day. We have had several meetings and a few tests done. What we have discovered today is that the battle will be waged on the home front.

The doctors have determined that there is nothing more that modern medicine can do besides the three medications she will remain on. There are no more tests, or devices that can repair the remaining damage. Her heart and lungs, her kidneys, and her stomach will likely heal on their own.

Sadly, there is no technology that can cure the damage to her brain. Only our love, God's plan, the faith of our friends and family can help her. We are learning all we can to care for her at home. With the help of a hospice care nurse we will be setting up our home to provide her as much medical support as possible.

This will allow us to really give her as much love and attentions as possible. We know that when we feel sick sometimes the only thing that helps us is snuggling, hugs, and kisses. We never run out and at home we can administer them at a moments notice.

We are also looking at an alternative treatment using Ki energy. Ki, much like Chinese "Chi" is known for it's curative qualities. So because so little is known about the brain and curing brain injury we are looking at every possible intervention. We don't yet know if we will be able to have a home visit, or if we will can bring her there. We will of course keep you posted on her status.

Please keep the prayers coming, miracles can an do happen. As I have said before she is our miracle, and in that we know that there may be more in store for her. We truly feel that we will be able to create the most comforting and warm environment for her at home. While they may be calling it hospice care, we by no means are giving up. Too many times we have been told by our wonderful doctors that "we do not know what may happen". Their brain studies with EEG and MRI are a very imprecise science. They are just indicators, generalities, and implications. We see too many instances of "normal" infant behavior and it's time to give the power of love and family a chance to heal her.

You continued love and support means the world to us. We can't do this without you.

Love, B & L & d

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