Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post Heart-Cath

Since last night after the Heart Catheterization she has been very stable. Her heartrate continues to be solid and bloodpressure has been much better. She has only had very brief instances of O2 dropping, usually related to either being moved due to nursing care, or subtle and not so subtle movement of her own volition. (As our good friend Dr. Weinhouse says, "let her move, it tells me she's healthy!" - and if you don't know the backstory, we must tell you that sometime).

We sat with the specialist who performed the procedure and he was very pleased with how she tolerated. We also saw ultrasound film which showed the before and after of her Aorta. It was so releiving to actually see blood the improved bloodflow. In short, her blood is mixing very well. They no longer see a disparity between Pre and Post. Not only that but I've spoken enough doctors to know when they are feeling legitimately positive. Dr. Gowda was extremely proud of his performance which tells me that we can really trust that when he says the procedure was a success that it is indeed. I asked him if there was a possibility of the Aorta retracting to it's previous state and he said that while it may slightly, this was a long term procedure.

In some cases Catheterization is all that is necessary. In Delaney's heart there are a total of three defects and so for her, open heart surgery to repair the Coarc is still required. We just have more time now to allow herto heal from the initial trauma. Blood sugar and potassium and sodium are also improving. Her urine output is also improving but still needs some help. They are administering diuretics to assist her with elimination of fluid. Now that her circulation is improving the puffiness in her extremities and eyelids should be improving as well.

They are still treating her for NEC, however the most recent x-ray/ultrasound showed improvement. They also have changed from using suction for draining bile/matter from her stomach, to a passive drain and nothing has been coming out (just another indicator of improved function).

They are feeling more comfortable with weaning off support with blood pressure and heart function meds. Also, weaning the O2 since her lung functions have improved.

Today she was originally scheduled for an MRI, but because she was just under sedation yesterday they (and we agree) to postpone the MRI until possibly next week, although it may happen as soon as tomorrow. In it's place they are performing another EEG which the neonatologist feels would be a helpful diagnostic, and may inform us as to what urgency we may need for having an MRI done.

We are always keeping in our hearts and minds our personal experience that her reactivity has been so positive. Despite that fact they do want to rule out siezures so if this data will be helpful in that regard, so be it.

What we are focusing our prayers now is on the doctors and that they will be empowered with all of their knowledge and expertise to provide her as much calm and rest necessary to heal and prepare for surgery. Please share with us these intentions, as you have been with us every step of the way.

We hope that this message reaches you with peace, and happiness.

Love, B & L & d

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