Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last night Delaney was having trouble keeping her O2 sats above 85%, after draining fluids off of her lungs, trying an alternate (Oscilating) ventilator then returning back to the original vent her sats finally went back up into the 95% range and above.

Our cardiologist has been monitoring her extremely closely and has been in Delaney's corner all the way. While many babies in the NICU can and should at times have lower O2 sats, Delaney is older and has fully developed lungs and should have higher sats. It is standard protocol that babies who stabilize are weaned off of ventilation and meds that maintain heart and lung function. She had ordered that these procedures to support heart and lung function are maintained for a period of time so she can remain consistent, calm, and steady. Dr. Summerfield is incredibly patient, diligent, and steadfast. She speaks to us as peers which I greatly appreciate. We have so much faith in her knowledge and ability.

Very soon (roughly 1:30pm) we are expecting to have an MRI on her brain to gather more information. Anesthesiology will be taking her soon to prep her for what should be about a 45min procedure. While all the data they are gathering is important, we are focusing on our experience with her which continues to be positive. She is still responsive to our touch and voice, while subtle, it is so reassuring.

We are having a blanket from home brought so that she may have something familiar near her at all times. It will have our scents on it as well, so she knows we are close. We talk to her and soothe her as best we can.

One nice thing that they have recommended is that we use Lindsay's breastmilk for Delaney's oral care. This helps clean her mouth and protect against bacteria. Lindsay was able to do this procedure twice already which has been nice for her to be a part of her general care. It's comforting to feel we are a part of the team taking care of her since we've doing that for the last four weeks before all this happened.

We are amazed by the outpouring of love, affection, and prayers. We have people now from all over the world contacting us with well-wishing and prayers. We've even had requests put in for buddhist monks to chant prayers for her!

We our intently focusing our positive intentions for her near term recovery, her strong growth and development, and a long life filled with joy and wonder. Please share in these intentions as we move forward moment to moment, and day to day.

B & L & d

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